ACEFATEvery year, in most cities of the world, thousands of works involving multiple actors and assuming an expenditure of millions of euros are executed in public roads. This reality has created the need for coordinating the information and administrative procedures in order to save time, money and citizen inconveniences. A solution integrated in the Smart Cities new model.

Knowing the context, Bi-Tic provides an innovative solution to improve the coordination of information, reduce costs, improve efficiency and speed up the procedures for work processes in the public road: eWise.

eWise is a web platform which allows faster and easier administrative procedures for works in the public roads and reduces administrative management costs.


eWise provides and receives updated maps about the existing facilities in the city underground of the GAS, ELECTRICITY, TELEPHONE SERVICES, SEWAGE and WASTE suppliers.

eWise advantage is that provides these updated maps in a matter of hours and in a digital format.  This prevents damage to the utility facilities of the public underground and has a positive effect on all the entire work process benefiting all those directly or indirectly involved and affected.

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