How it works

Thanks to the eWise platform all the existing utilities in the requested area can be obtained with a unique query.  eWise submit the application to the gas, electricity, telephone services, sewage, waste… suppliers in a single procedure.

Due to the technological and data management particularities of the different service companies, there is the need of a specific adjustment for each one. Therefore, the integral automation of the information extraction for all the network management companies will be eliminated in a medium term. This implies that some companies will temporarily make the required information available in an automated way.

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eWise procedure steps

The use of eWise implies 4 basic and simple steps.

Thanks to this real time web platform the administrative formalities to carry out works in public roads will be faster and easier.

1 Through the eWise portal, the user provides a layout of the work to be done in order to receive information about the existing underground facilities in that area.

2 eWise automatically request the necessary plans to the different service suppliers.

3 eWise validates the security requirements defined by the customer.

4 eWise makes available to the user the requested associated plans and documents.