The electronic invoicing has great advantages and virtually no inconveniences. It allows the user to save on paper costs, envelopes, handling and mailing.

Bi-TIC offers a digital tool for the transmission of invoices or documents, which have been digitally signed using a valid certifícate,  between sender and receiver by electronic (computer files) and telematic (from one computer to another) means.

This system guarantees that the electronic document meet all the legal requirements of Article 6 of RD 1496/2003 that regulates the content of the invoice and has absolute legal validity.

In addition of the requirements of any conventional invoice, BIT-TIC ensures that the invoices have been signed with an advanced electronic signature based on a qualified certificate and may be transmitted from one computer to another with the consent of both parties.

How to implement the process of electronic invoicing in one week


The customer has to buy a certificate prepared to issue invoices, and hire the access to a time server.


If the management application allows  to generate PDF invoices, it will be enough to create each invoice in a separate document and in a located space.


If the management application doesn’t allow to generate PDF invoices or you want to give them a new format or to attach delivery notes, Bi-TIC customises the invoice templates.


Bi-TIC sets up and adapts the signature process and the invoice emailing.

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