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Why is so necessary the works digital management?

In a city like Barcelona, thousands of works are carried out in the public roads every year in which multiple actors are involved and millions of euros are invested. This provokes the interruption of the usual traffic in the concerned area and the alteration of life for local residents.

In any work process affecting the underground of public roads there is a risk of damaging the utility facilities that could leave local residents without electricity, water, telephone services and gas. To avoid these risks and carry out works with maximum  efficiency and minimal budget, several cities have  already eWise available.

eWise is a web portal or SaaS that centralizes information and makes easier the works management with a significant reduction of costs and processing times. eWise benefits from sinergies and economies of scale.

Since 2009, eWise is used to better manage the works on public roads in the city of Barcelona.

Thanks to eWise, construction developers achieve a better coordination that reduces time and administrative costs, in other words greater efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, eWise ensures the compliance with sectoral and local regulations, as well as the monitoring of the provided and requested information.


Marta Masqué Barri

Communication and International Trade Specialist

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