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What is Smart City

The so-called smartcities are cities based on the knowledge and the use of new technologies in order to improve the quality of life for citizens at all levels: mobility, energy, services, economy, environment…

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a growing and essential part of the cities of the future.

GIS systems consist of the creation and storage of  data, its subsequent analysis and the possibility of sharing this data in an efficient and effective way. These are technologies that improve services, infrastructures and health through new channels or just enabling people to save money.

Although technological progress has been accelerating and as Benjamin Weinryb Grohsgal explains in Smart City Solutions, the use of GIS for a better governance and further information about the city is not prevented by technology but by the governmental organization, culture, budgets and the difficulty of using some provided information.

In current conditions, the companies developing new GIS are more capable and therefore responsible for encouraging the gubernamental and social interest to implement these technologies as rapidly as possible.

Medium and large cities have perhaps fewer problems to gave way to the digitization of services and implement the GIS technologies with all the advantages.  But small towns and municipalities that have less financial, technological and management resources can be the greatest obstacle for the development and universal implementation of GIS.

As Weinryb Groshgal says, to achieve a universal database, essential for establishing GIS systems, may take many years.


Marta Masqué Barri

Communication and International Trade Specialist

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